Dear Anna, Today I Woke Up So Early

I woke up at 5:11 am. I probably could have fallen back to sleep but it seemed more fun to be awake. I laid in bed and listened to the night frogs still croaking.  Usually by the time I wake up the morning birds are already singing but this morning I listened as the croaks of the frogs faded into the songs of the birds. IT was beautiful.  I like to picture each frog passing a tiny song baton to a little bird once the sun starts to rise.  It is the cutest image because of the little frog fingers, don’t you think?

I really like the nature out here in California.  I notice how much I like it more and more all the time.  The other night I was sitting on my deck and I noticed that tiny green apricots were starting to grow on the tree in the back yard. It made me realize that I really have been out here a year now because I ate a lot of  those apricots last summer.  Fruit is fun when it grows in your back yard.  Kind of  like how in Georgia everyone eats the honey out of honeysuckles from their backyard, I guess because that’s the closest thing we have to fruit usually.  Georgia is a really really nice place too.   I’m glad you live there and I live here because that way its kind of like we  live in both places. We get to have it all.

When I write to you sometimes I get a bit nervous about my grammar because you are an English major. I Google things about commas a lot.  But I know you would never judge me for a splice here and there because you are a very understanding person.  I love you very much.


Yours Always,




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