Dear Bridget, Last Night We Watched Godzilla At The Same Time

Except that we were in different time zones because you are in California and I am in Georgia. The whole time I was thinking to myself, “what if this is real and they are going to blow up San Francisco, they will kill my Bridget”. Thankfully Godzilla is a fictive story. Or is it? Anyways, right now I am drinking coffee out of a mug that has a “brown mackerel tabby siberian cat” on it and also chocolate almond milk (even though I am trying to do paleo with you) and I’m about to go to work. I don’t ever want you to worry about your grammar because I google commas sometimes to because I’m not the best at it, even though I aspire to be. See that sentence might have been a run on but I am not sure.

I sent you a letter in the post today, actually a postcard. I like these weird postcards because I like to think about how the mailman would maybe smile a little bit when he sees them. I think that if my job search continues to be slightly fruitless I may ask the USPS if they will please let me be a mailwoman. I think I would like that.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I really truly hope that you and I can go on a roadtrip together this summer. That would be the dream because we love to be on the run together. We are wild things who eat vegetables and wash our hair with baking soda. Maybe some people would say that we’re hippies, but we know better.

I just miss you so much Bridget and I am so glad that we get to be friends.

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