Dear Anna, Yesterday I Got Lost

My Trail

My Trail


I meant to go on a short run yesterday.  I was wearing workout clothes and I always feel like a fake if I wear workout clothes without exercising so I made myself run.  I planned to run the same little route we went on when you came to visit, but the trail didn’t end when I thought it would so I just kept running and running.  I  got quite lost but I didn’t mind.  A dog came up and jumped on me while I was running, it was such a nice soft dog that I couldn’t even be very afraid of it.  I wish you had been with me.  I drank some almond milk when I got home. You always told me almond milk was good and you were so right,  I think of you whenever I drink it so it makes me happy. 

I got a letter from you in the mail yesterday but it wasn’t the postcard yet.  I think you would make a great mailwoman because you love to drive with the windows open.  The word mailwoman is funny because if you said it out loud it would sound like MALE WOMAN.  I have only seen my mailman once since I have lived here.  It makes me sad because when I was little I would see my mailman everyday.  He would hand the mail straight to me because I would run down to the bottom of the drive way to meet him before he had the chance to put it in the box.  I don’t like for the mailman to be a stranger.  If you were a mailwoman you would make so many friends! 

When you come out here again we can go to the beach and then run into the ocean. I think we would like that even though it will be very cold.  We can warm ourselves afterwards with MacNCheese so everything will be fine.  Really fine.

I love you more than I hate organic vegan Mexican food. 




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