Dear Anna, Today I Wore a Lot of Mascara and Lipstick

It's not good for a girl to be too pretty.

It’s not good for a girl to be too pretty.

I learned some things from wearing red lipstick today.  I learned that even though I am right handed I drink my coffee from the left-hand side of the mug.  Ok,  to be honest that is the only thing I learned,  but I felt accomplished.  Sometimes wearing make up is fun,  especially if you don’t wear it very often because you get a good reaction from those around you.   We love a good reaction.

My work mug.

My work mug.

I hope to learn a lot of  other things this summer.  I want to learn about ancient Rome.  There is this song  that is my favorite right now,  it has a line about Rome being in ruins and it just makes me want to know more things about Rome!  To start out I watched Gladiator.  There is a lot of blood in that movie.   Maybe I can also learn how to not be afraid of animals.  I’m going to dog sit next week.  Saying yes to that made me feel very brave.

I want to tell you I am very glad a lady at work gave you condensed milk from a can,  that is just such a loving thing to do.   I hope that you always have someone close by to give you sweetened condensed milk whenever you need it.





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