Dear Bridget, Yesterday I Forgot to Eat

Dear Bridget,

Yesterday after work I went to Big Lots and bought a towel for Wendy because her daughter needed one. The towel was leopard print, but the pink and black type.Wendy told me that her daughter would like it very much and I like Wendy so everything is good. I ate half an eclair donut for breakfast and then broccoli for lunch. The ladies in the kitchen gave me the condensed milk can to lick when they were finished making banana pudding, so I had that too. And then I forgot to eat until much later and I started feeling very sick, like my blood was pulling all the nutrients out of my bones. But then I ate sushi and felt better.

I liked your story about the nice soft dog and I imagine that you yelled a little small yell when he jumped on you and then you were happy. I still hope that you like my dog Turner better. I think that if I live alone next year, I will get myself a nice soft dog that you will like.

Right now I have gotten up very early to come to this coffee shop (that I know you would like very much) and apply for jobs. A man in only socks and a fedora just walked by carrying his shoes. His fedora matched his shirt and his socks matched the asphalt. When I bought postcards at a record store near the beach this weekend I only could think of the ones that you would like because you are my mailing buddy. I’ve been googling things a lot lately in order to learn, and I’ve also been losing my place in my sentences when I’m talking. I know you would understand if you were here.

There's a very nice looking man walking past my window up yonder

There’s a very nice looking man walking past my window up yonder

I love you to the moon and back,


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