Dear Anna, Yesterday I Had Too Many Feelings


I cried a little bit yesterday while I was skyping my favorite boy.  You know I do that sometimes because being far away is hard, but crying helps. It makes me feel closer somehow.  Having feelings makes one hungry so I also had to eat my favorite snack. I used a double portion of almond milk in the making of it.  Just like you told me.

Fave snack

Fave Snack (when on paleo only)

I really loved reading the last letter you wrote to me.  The blue blue sky and the green green trees are so beautiful. And the poem about love makes me so happy.  We love LOVE. 

Today when I was walking down my trail there were two ladies running.  They were the exact same size and structure and wore the very same shoes. It was seriously the cutest thing.  I was sad when the trail split in two and they had to wave goodbye to one another to go their separate ways.  I wish friends who love the same things could be together all the time.  Remember how you and I have the very same pair of shoes? 

                                                                                                                                                 Love Always,


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