Dear Bridget, Today I Looked Up and Saw the Sky

Dear Bridget,

Today I looked up and saw this:

blue blue sky, green green trees

blue blue sky, green green trees

I drove onto a street where my friends were and I accidentally drove onto a curb, and then I walked up some steps. There were a bunch of people sitting on the steps like it’s summer time and I laid back onto the concrete and looked up and the blue hurt my eyes in a nice way because it’s so blue. Someone complemented my eye makeup today and I really just wanted to tell them “oh it’s just a lot of mascara”, which was true. Strangers always like my glasses. I need to be held by another person real bad today. I fell asleep in a rocking chair on a screened in porch. People laughed at me and I heard it in my sleep but I didn’t care because I was asleep.

I accidentally applied to a job today. Wouldn’t it be funny if I got it. I’ve decided that I like cover letters because they give you a chance to prove how you could be really useful, even if your resume doesn’t say what the job people want it to say. I don’t actually know if I’ve been successful at cover letters because I don’t have a job yet, but if I get a job, it will perhaps be because of my cover letter.

Lately I have loved waking up so early. It just feels so nice to get a whole bunch of things done before 9 AM. And drinking coffee and walking the dog and writing letters feels like a nice way to start your day and then if work is weird I’ve already set the tone for having a nice, productive day because I have already been nice and productive.

Today I read an e.e. cummings poem and it said this “love coins his most gradual gesture, and whittles life to eternity”. So I suppose that nearly everyone knows that love is important. That bit made a small tear come into my eye. I keep looking back at the picture of your walk because it was beautiful. I hope you don’t ration your coconut almond milk too much. I am glad that we both fell asleep on skype together last night. You are beautiful.

Love you to the moon and back,


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