Dear Anna, Today I am Alone

I’m alone today but that’s ok. I had my boy visiting me for days and it was so nice that I don’t mind so much the fact that now I’m alone.  I do miss you though to be honest. I want to fall asleep on Skype with you again. I love when we do that.

Right now I am just having a glass of wine and watching National Treasure.  Some movies are movies. Others are films. National Treasure is a movie.

Hey Anna? Do you think that one day maybe we will live in the same place and do the same thing? That would be cool. I think you are going to have a really amazing,  wild life. If my life could be next to yours then it could be amazing and wild too!  How lovely.  You are going to get a great job, don’t even worry about that.

I hope you’re happy today. The happiest.  I love you so much.



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