Dear Anna, I am Reading a Good Book

The book is called Anthropology of an American Girl.  To be honest I have not read much of it but so far I like it.  There are a lot of quotable sentences written in the book. You can tell that the writer probably writes only the first line of a poem sometimes.   I like that about her because most times I only write the first line of a poem, if I added more it would be ruined.  I feel like she understands that so she just wrote a book full of the first lines of poems and worked a story around it.

“Kindness is everything . . . When you receive it and express it becomes the whole meaning of things. Its life, demystified. A place out of self.Not a waltz, the whirls within a waltz.”

-Anthropology of an American Girl

I do hope you can take Roxy the dog to the mail box soon.  I have sent you some letters and I like when she goes with you to pick them up.  You and Sarah look so happy under the arch. I walked under it the first chance I got when I was in high school, which probably means if I decide to go to grad school (highly unlikely) I should stay away from UGA.  I want to go get ice cream with you guys.

Tomorrow I am helping my friend Mike move to his new apartment. I am very excited!  It feels like I am getting a new apartment because I go over to his place a lot.  I have 9,000 miles on my car and he lives 17 miles away from me so that means I have been to his house 200 times, roughly. Maybe a few times less.  Also I am eating pizza tomorrow which is another thing I am very excited about. There is this pizza place here that has the most amazing crust, it taste like it’s laced with cornbread if you can imagine

Ok. I just spilled water all over the place because you know I am very messy with food and drink. I miss you buckets and loads. I hope that you have a fun week and that no one makes you eat hot dog tacos.

Forever Yours,


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