Dear Bridget, I Heard A Good Song Today

Dear Bridget,

Today I heard this song by Robert Plant and I think it’s really good. I’ve only heard it once so far when I was sitting in a quiet coffee shop, but I had never heard it before and I thought that maybe you’d like it. I have to go to work soon, which I like because I prefer to be productive with myself. Today when my alarm clock went off, Roxy came and nosed my hand because she knew that I was supposed to get up but I didn’t want to. I think she also wanted me to take her for a walk to the mailbox and I feel guilty that I didn’t. I needed to get work done, you see. I’ll make it up to her later.

I hope one day to get my own dog that looks like this:



I love weimeraners. And kittens and cats.

Yesterday I went and got ice cream cones with my roommates. Sarah and I hadn’t walked through the arch yet (which I assume you know is a UGA tradition that only graduates are allowed, otherwise they are cursed not to graduate). We looked very happy and we felt very accomplished. I had some bug bites on my legs.

I hope you had fun exploring the day before yesterday. I love you.

ice cream cones in hand for traditions, always

ice cream cones in hand for traditions, always

 Love you to the moon and back,


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