Dear Anna, I Miss You Too Much Sometimes

I miss you a lot.  I loved reading your last letter. You have always known how to do summer right. I admire that about you.  I was concerned when you mentioned that bit about the coffee because I was currently in the middle of drinking my second mug.    I simply must watch that Pompeii movie.  I’m into volcanoes in a big way.  Though the show I watched on the History Channel last night did make Pompeii seem like quite the den of inequity, let me tell you.

I missed you especially yesterday when I went to the beach to look at the ocean.  You would have loved it and I would have loved you to be there with me.  I was at the beach which people,  for no particular reason,  sometimes call Make-Out Beach.  Its really a lovely beach.  I hoped that I would see a shark but I only saw ducks which are not nearly as exciting unless they are currently being eaten by sharks.  I also saw these tiny tiny little shrimp type creatures in the sand. I must have been laying on a million of them but I tried not to  think about that. Its funny how the ocean is so big but it holds the worlds smallest creatures.  Small creatures live in such a big world compared to the rest of us.  I bet is overwhelming.

Missing you on the beach

Missing you on the beach

Lately the world has been feeling very big and I’ve been itching to explore it.  I think I am going to go on an adventure this weekend. California makes it easy to run away and I want to take full advantage.   That’s another reason why I miss you,  you always understand the need to run away.

In other news.  Today on my walk to work a lady ran past me swearing loudly then later  ran past me again singing.  So I don’t even know what to think about her.   I think I like her because she was very much herself.    Also I might have to switch back to using real shampoo because I think my hair may possible be falling out a little bit more than it usually does (you know how I shed)  and this is cause for concern.

Please come out here soon so we can run away.

Love you forever,





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