Dear Bridget, Yesterday I Got A Haircut

Hello Bridget,

Right now I am siting in my coffee-shop that I sit in sometimes early in the mornings. There’s a lady behind me talking about child-support, Prada shoes, and childbirth without meds. Do you think you want to do that? The childbirth thing, I mean. Sounds masochistic. But I also don’t really like the idea of medicine in general and I usually don’t take it if I can help it.

I like this spot by the window where I sit because I get to watch so many people walking by and biking by on their fast bikes and strolling by with their strollers. I kind of wanted a donut today but I was thinking very strongly about making these cherry pie bars from Joythebaker and so I decided to hold off. So I’m just drinking a lot of coffee right now. Although my boss’ wife at work told me that coffee decreases your cortisol levels and then I read this article which horrified me a little bit so who knows. I just like to drink coffee early in the morning because it’s fun and it makes me feel special.

Last night I ate dinner on my back patio with some of my greatest friends. We had pizza and salad and we bought cookie dipped drumsticks and beer. We sat in our little green metal patio chairs and talked about conspiracy theories. Once the bugs started biting us too much we came inside and talked about great television and how snuggly our dog is. A pretty fun and successful night overall. Summer nights are the best because even if everyone’s a little busy, nobody really makes too many plans so you can always hang out. I want to have a patio that looks like this one day:

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

As I told you, I watched the movie Pompeii last night. I really liked it so very much although I kind of feel like maybe some people wouldn’t. I hope that you’ll watch it because it makes me feel alive in an odd way. It also makes me want to learn how to fight. I think that you might like it because we like the same things usually. Except for vegan Mexican food. And the movie Frozen.

I love you to the moon and back,


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