Dear Anna, I Got a Lovely New Mug

mugs make merry

mugs make merry

I don’t get a lot of souvenirs and I have NEVER gotten a souvenir mug.  Before NOW.  You remember how I told you I was going to dog sit this past weekend?  Well the girl whose dog I sat brought back this really lovely mug for me.  I was quite touched.   Dog sitting was really good for me. I had never been alone with a dog before and I do feel less afraid now that I have had prolonged, unprotected, exposure to the beasts.

Your friend has beautiful handwriting, Anna.  I love it.  You have such creative friends . Athens is such a happy place, I think it stimulates a lot of creative energy and straight up joy.   I can see why a lot of people aren’t in a hurry to leave it for the big cities.  But sometimes you just gotta go.

I enjoyed watching Pompeii.  The volcano part was the best.  I didn’t know Kiefer Sutherland was in that movie but I’m glad to  know that he is in movies.  There is a place for everyone.

Tonight I am going to eat hot dogs and bake cookies.  I may have to steal my roommates butter…I already feel bad about it but the cookies demand butter!  Everything demands butter.  Actually.   I have to bring the cookies to my friends house. Its a potluck kind of situation where everyone has to BYOF.  Except I just want to eat hot dogs alone so the cookies are just so people don’t think i’m lazy.  Hot dogs are as paleo friendly as you want them to be I say. Same with pepperonis and cheap red wine.

I love you you more than we love road-trips.

Forever Yours,




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