Dear Bridget, I’ve Realized That I Have an Affinity for White Things.

Dear Bridget,

I think that I like for everything to be white. Ok maybe not everything, but a lot of things. Like sheets and walls and comforters and labels and shirts. Especially shirts.My friend Christina has really great handwriting and she gave me this really beautiful white paper which now is the only decoration on my bathroom wall.


sometimes you gotta hang things up with tape because frames are too permanent and whatnot

sometimes you gotta hang things up with tape because frames are too permanent and whatnot

Right now I’m sitting on Oscar the Couch and eating ginger molasses cookies from Publix (aka my new favorite thing). It’s a top notch cookie dough type of situation. Everything about Publix is of the top notch variety. I’m glad that it’s our favorite place. Remember when we used to go to Publix every day for a whole summer and I fell in (fake) love with a bag-boy named Glasses John? I miss the cobblers that we bought ingredients for. I miss the banana breads that we made and the “alcohol free” wine that they wouldn’t let us buy because we weren’t 21. I miss that summer.

Thank you for sharing with me the picture of your “Make-Out Beach”. I do wonder why they call it that. I know your fear of birds and I am quite glad that you were able to enjoy your beach time despite the ducks. I like it how people have favorite things sometimes, like the way that you’ll only wear one pair of shorts for a whole entire summer or a favorite top unintentionally every Tuesday. We should get rid of everything that isn’t our favorite and then everything we’d have would be our favorite. Maybe that’s not practical. But it seems nice.

I love you more than I love the movie About Time. I hope that you had a happy dinner with your father Richard.

Love from your friend,



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