Dear Bridget, Today I Found a Luna Moth.

the loveliest of creatures

the loveliest of creatures


Dear Bridget,

Today I went to Publix (our favorite place) with my friend roommate Jessica. As I was walking across the street, right in the middle of the road, I spotted this moth. Probably could have gotten hit by a car due to my quite quick and insistent stop and bend over to inspect the little darling. Fortunately I came out safe and sound. I wanted to save him (or her), but he’s dead. His little head was still twitchy  with some sort of post mortem spasms, but my friend Mr. Moth has left this world for the moth home in the sky. I’ve only ever seen one of these moths once before; I was on a canoe trip at camp and I paddled very many miles with this blonde headed boy named Benjamin who spotted the moth in the river and swept it into our boat. He was quite captivated by its drenched wings and I think I understand it now. They’re enchanting little beings and finding one seems to be quite like a good omen of some sort. A stroke of great luck. It’s hard to tear your eyes off of its papery green translucent gemstone wings and its ferny antennae.

Today was a great day. I feel useful and also encouraged by the fact that my job search is looking up. I don’t generally like it when things don’t go my way but I’ve become a lot more ok when life swings around in its own way. I’ve learned to trust the timing of things. I hope to earn more and more wisdom the longer I live here on the ground. I keep hearing that e.e. cummings quote about “drinking the wild air” and it makes me feel like a restless wild thing with baking soda hair and brilliant unborn children. I’m glad that we’ve already planned for our respective offspring to be friends with each other. We will both have wiry and scrappy little daughters and sons who always have dirt under their happy fingernails.

Thank you for being my friend, thank you for putting cursive on your nails. I am proud of your newfound lack of dog fear. I think that this bravery will take you to wonderful places in life. Today I went to my bagel place (we call it “Bagels” even though the name of the shop is Ideal Bagel) and I talked to my bagel friends at the counter and drank the coffee and ate a cheese bagel with Nutella. But my favorite part was watching the neon clad construction working boy ahead of me in line. He had such a nice demeanor, and a nice hat, and he is the type of person who you’d never expect to wear neon. It was almost as if his shirt weren’t actually neon yellow, but rather some other color that makes more sense for him. What I’m trying to say is that he’s one of the few people I’ve ever seen make neon look good. When his bagel to-go came up he took the little brown bag, said goodbye to the bagel people, and went out to his car. My favorite part of watching this boy was the conversation that I saw him having with his dog as soon as he got in the car. The boy settled in his coffee and looked the dog straight in the face; I imagine talking to it very much as if it were a human. He never scruffled up the dog’s long black fur, just had a little conversation. I like it when people and animals have an understanding like that.

I love you to the moon and back,


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