Dear Anna, I Made a List Today

I made a list of all the times and places I could really remember feeling alive this past year.  There were probably more times, but I just wrote down the first ones I that popped into my brain.  I’m guessing that means they were the most important ones.  It is one of my best lists,  if I do say so myself.  This morning I was thinking about the fact that I spend the majority of my days inside of a cube.  When you live in a cube it can feel like life is passing you by (nothing much can happen within the 3.5 walls of a cubicle).  I had to make a list to make sure I was really living last year, to substantiate my being.  Do you ever feel that way?   Lists are helpful.

Times I felt Alive

  • Foster City, California: Living with a stranger.
  • Austin, Texas: Following locals with cool tattoos to find weird bars.
  • Washington DC: Exploring, shoeless, in the rain with my new friends.
  • Foster City, California: Running outside the very first time it rained,  just running.
  • Atlanta, Georgia: Riding in the car, resting my head on my favorite’s arm, feeling home.
  • Half Moon Bay, California: Spending my new years with coffee and used books by the beach.
  • Sacramento, California: Sleeping on a great big couch with my friends. Watching About Time.
  • El Granada, California: Driving through the Tunnel, Fall Out Boy blasting, slurping a sprite.
  • Pacifica, California: Climbing the cliffs at night in efforts to be more dangerous.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana:  Sitting by a pond in a beautiful park .
  • Daly City, California: Staying up all night in a real pile with my best friends.
  • Sonoma, California: Walking around feeling the happiest!
  • Woodstock, Georgia: Falling asleep outside in the hammock.

The moth you found is so beautiful.  I’m sad that it had to die in the middle of the road, its poor little head twitching in the sun.  I am happy about your job search though. I feel like you are going to get a job that you love. That’s what I want for you and I hope your job doesn’t involve a cubicle.

Last night I went out wearing a very red dress to celebrate 1 full year of work.  I drank a dirty martini at this cool bar that overlooks the ocean.  It reminded me of the time we went to that bar in Half Moon Bay to talk to strangers and one of them bought us dirty martinis. We did not like martinis that day so the stranger named Travis had to drink ours, but it was a very kind gesture all the same.  I should add that to the list of times I felt alive.

I’m excited for our futures.  I’m excited for all the things we are going to do and places we are going to go and strangers we are going to turn into friends.  I’m excited for lives our wild children are going to live and live and live.

I love you the mossstttt,


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