Dear Bridget, The Sky Is Grey But It Looks White

Dear Bridget,

It keeps raining during the night, and night rain is something I’m fond of. I’m considering naming my cat Rain. What do you think? Or maybe I’ll name him Anna to be vain.

I want to go to the place where I got us donuts one time and then we ate them on your bed in Atlanta (all of them at once), do you remember that? The Lucky Charms donut? Ike and Jane is the best and I don’t know what I’ll do when I don’t live in proximity to their donuts. Probably find another donut shop like that one that I walked to from Oracle when I was visiting you and bought a maple old fashioned donut that was just a huge brick of lard and flour and sugar and maple glaze from an angry Asian lady.

I’m pretty hungry. It’s hard to think about anything else. Plus I would like some coffee, which is our favorite thing.


I wrote all of that before I left to get donuts. Now I’m at the donut shoppe (like how I spelled “shop” all fancy-like?). Now I’m at the donut place and it really just feels right. It’s nothing like your pancakes, which I wish I could make. The problem is that I haven’t actually been grocery shopping since summer started. That’s how summer is sometimes, as you know.

I just saw the cutest little boy with a t-rex on his shirt. The little boy’s personality was a lot like my cat’s. The t-rex boy said hi to me and pointed at his shirt. It’s always nice to pretend that you understand what little children are saying, even when you don’t. I think it makes them feel important. I laugh at people in public a lot. Not sure if they ever notice.

the contents of my life this morning

the contents of my life this morning

Never trust a blueberry.

Love from your friend,


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