Dear Anna, Things are Looking Up

I’m quite happy today. I got to work very early because I was supposed to give a presentation at 8 am, but it was canceled! I love when things are canceled even if it means I got up early for no reason.  I do wish I could have eaten pancakes and skyped you before I left my house though. I love doing that.


dah skype

The best way to wake up


Yesterday I ate sushi with my friend Parv. We were supposed to go running but we ended up sushi-ing and saki-ing instead (which is really much better for you I hear).   It was the yummiest thing and then I went home to do my Cosmo workout. Unfortunately, working out requires a lot of balancing and Saki does not aid one in that particular area, nor does sushi if we’re being honest, but I wobbled my way through!

I have also planned our route for the road trip we are going to take this summer.  I hope you like desserts and 11 hour travel days.  I think our goal should be to try a new pie in every state and make one drunken friend at every bar.  The guy on Bizarre Foods ate a sauerkraut pie the other day. He said it was amazing, I trust his judgment.

I met a nice old man on the BART train this weekend.  I helped him buy a ticket and he said I was “such a sweetheart”, he smiled and waved at me later when he was getting off at his stop.  He was wearing a wedding ring, I hope his wife is still alive,  though I know sometimes sweet old men just wear their rings til the very end.  Knowing that one day I’ll have a sweet old man of my own makes growing old seem a lot less scary. Also the idea of having soft, wrinkled hands that I can force people to hold, I can get behind that.

Finally, I am SO excited that you got a job in Atlanta and are going to start working soon. You are going to love it.  LOVE IT.  I’m super proud of you.  Officey clothes, money, work friends, finding relaxing new hobbies!  Grown-up work life is the best.

Such good good things are happening all around!


I love you much. Write back soon. I am going to buy some stamps and send you a real letter.

Love you for ever and ever,


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