Dear Anna, Will We Miss This?


Will we miss nights like this? Nights where we lie completely alone in our beds with no one’s hand to hold? I wonder that sometimes.  I am wondering it right now.  I don’t ever feel like I will miss it. I like my bed. I like alone. But I love LOVE.  Love is rarely left alone. 
I made a lot of friends this week, the kinds of friends who are just friends for one day out of your life. Kind of like those friends you make at summer camp. You love em, and leave em. Why do I love those friends best so often?  Except for you. Naturally.
One of my friends this week was a man named Jim. He has a really fluffy dog that he walks down my trail early in the morning.  I also made a friend named Mercedes. We sold beer together and when we left eachother she told me to,  “have a wonderful life”. I’m going to follow her advice because she is a trusted friend.
I got two letters from you this week and they made me so very happy!  I’m going to write you back very soon, I’m sorry it always takes me so long.  I also need to send our sister Lucy a letter because she is 5 tomorrow.  That’s a pretty major birthday. 
Please always remember me fondly.  I will think of you often.



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