Dear Bridget, Here’s the thing: Strawberry Rhubarb

Dear Bridget,

My answer to your last post: Yes. I think we will miss our lonely nights in bed alone with no one to answer to and nothing but our thoughts and loneliness to keep us company. I think we’ll miss it. But I also think we’ll be pretty distracted by the other things in our life that make us happy and so we won’t probably notice too much that we miss the times when we were by ourselves. I think at most we’ll be nostalgic, not regretful.

Right now I’m sitting on my sunset back patio with a half glass of wine that I poured into a used cup from yesterday. The problem is that I wasn’t the one who used the wineglass in the first place, but that’s just where I’m at if we’re being honest right now. I’m trying frantically to figure out where to live next year and I want it to be perfect, but I don’t have really high standards. I just need it to be perfect, that’s all.

Today I got really pretty happy, and by that I mean ELATED because I saw this picture which reminded me of the time that we walked a million miles around the entire city of San Francisco. (sidenote: I can never keep “that” or “which” straight in terms of proper grammar. also: I probably use way too many sets of parentheses in basically anything I write ever so sorry).

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

You reminded me the other day that probably the only time I’ve actually ever seen you get angry for real was when we walked up to this restaurant ^^^ and you realized that we had just walked 2 hours for vegan organic mexican food. And I beg to differ. I think that the maddest I ever saw you was when we were sitting in the parking lot the day that we were fasting and I bought 4 different enormous Noosa yogurts at a Target in a mall. We walked probably about a mile in that mall looking for a bathroom and every one we passed was “OUT OF ORDER” so F’ THAT AM I RIGHT?!!

This is my favorite flavor of NOOSA

And my favorite flavor of Noosa is also ironically the same flavor as the pie that you sent me a picture of today. Coincidence? I think not. We are soul sisters, that’s why.

I’m super into the band Hozier right now. Sometimes I don’t have great boundaries or restraint so I have listened to the song “Take Me to Church” probably 70ish times in the past day. I’m on a song-binge and I just can’t handle this guy’s voice in a big way. In the best way. I always listen to the same song way too many times in a row, as you know.

I want to memorize someone’s freckles one day. And probably, I want someone to memorize mine too.

You’re my favorite, If you ever die I’ll kill you,




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