Dear Anna, I Had a Good Saturday

I had such a  time in the city this weekend. I ate the pie of a lifetime. I drank beer out of Buddha in china town.  And I ended up at the beach with new friends at the end of the day.  It was perfect.  It made me feel young and alive. Isn’t  that the best way to feel?

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Your last post made me the happiest girl! You are right, the time you saw me most mad was after the Noosa. I realized that too after I thought about it for a minute. You saw me at my very worst that week you came to live with me for almost half a month.  The next time you come it will be better and we will eat so much PIE.  I have an obnoxious fixation with pie, I sincerely apologize.

I am highly excited about our road trip this summer. We will keep the windows down the whole way, even when we are in the hot hot desert!  Can you be sure that this song is on our playlist?  I think we can relate to it.

I really do wish Moses could come with us on the road trip. I would like to have cat friend to cuddle while we drive, but I know he would very much hate to be trapped in a hot car for 11 hours a day.

I hope the working world is treating you like the treasure you are. Thanks for loving me always.  I will see you 3 days!!!!


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