Dear Bridget, Today I Imploded (A Little Bit)

Dear Bridget,

Sorry that I haven’t written in a while. It’s mostly because I started my new job, and partly because I actually saw you in the flesh quite recently. Right now there are brussell sprouts cooking on my stove, and I am leaving them unattended as I sit on my back deck eating some pub cheese as an appetizer. It’s really a nice thing to give yourself appetizers every now and again because it is usually a well deserved thing and it is nice to treat rather than deprive yourself. I know myself well enough to know that I would eat way too much cheese and I therefore did not cook all that many brussell sprouts. I had a nice conversation with the man working the counter at Trader Joes, he was good looking and assumedly well liked.

Mainly for my job so far I am just a secretary, doing the dirty work of people who don’t want to do it themseves. I am fortunate enough to understand this, and although I know that what I am doing is important and not pointless (although it sometimes seems pointless), I am fairly sure that one day I will be able to tell someone else to do what I am doing. I have worked enough places to know that people always give the young, inexperienced new people the mundane things to do. That being said, I have made about 140 phone calls in the past 2 workdays, and today I was instructed to call all of the same people. Again.


My brussell sprouts are burned. That’s what I get for leaving them unattended.  I am also very hot.

Sometimes I become very worried that my life will wither away into a tither and then I remember that as long as I remember my goals, nothing is pointless. One day I will write a book. One day I will be able to give away oodles of money to people who need it. This next couple of weeks will be batshit crazy for the both of us, AM I RIGHT?

Sometimes I miss you more than I ever thought possible. And then I think about all of the slumber parties we will have next year and I am happy. Also I look at this picture and I am happy.



So, I love you, obviously. I’m ready for life to slow down because it hasn’t since about February. That’s my rough, but realistic estimate.

Ok. Stay beautiful, remember the beautiful things, think about flowers sometimes, remember that all the people around you are beautiful even if theyre idiots. That makes for a good time.

Kindest regards and yours truly,

Anna Mabel Myers

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