Dear Anna, Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if we should just go ahead and spend $300 each to eat at this very fancy restaurant who’s owner  I once read about in a book. WE really ought not to because I am about to be poor and you are just starting out on your new life, but I saw it mentioned on our favorite blog and it made me want to go. One day we will.

As you know, I just had the best birthday of my life time and you were there to celebrate with me. It was so fun to lay by the lake with you, and eat chicken, and drink cherry cola, and ride in a scary boat.  23 is going to be a damn good year. I can feel it.

Soon we are going to be neighbors again. You have a cool house with a stone fireplace to cuddle by, thinking about it makes me so excited!

I formally quit my job yesterday . Quitting is a scary thing to do. My computer corrected “Quitting” to “Quilting”. Quilting is a scary thing to do.

We probably will never get tired of listening to the Juno sounds track or watching About Time.   That is why we will always be friends.

Only nine more days until our road trip. Thank you for being in charge of the music. I listen to the CD to wrote me almost every day and it makes me excited for the playlists you will make for our trek.

I love you. I will see you in 3 days if you can believe that!

We Will Beach Monkey Everyday

We Will Beach Monkey Everyday

Please don’t forget about me between now and then.


Love Always,



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