Dear Bridget, See You In Three Days

Hello Bridget,

My job is boring. The highlight of my day is when people walk by my receptionist desk. I am so alone up there all alone. And moreover, I wasn’t hired to be a receptionist. But let’s not get into that. I’ve learned that some people are nice and care about my sanity (or so it seems from my limited perspective of loneliness), some people will come get peppermints and I force them to talk to me, and some people only just smile a little insecurely at me.

I love going to the bathroom to sit on my phone undisturbed. But so do other people and that ruins the phone. It’s really awkward to know that you’re both doing the same thing less than a foot apart while not wearing pants. It’s really just disconcerting.

My bedroom is my favorite part of my day. It’s perfect and my bed is the most amazing thing of all, which you will know when you try it out. See?

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I miss my cat and I miss you. I really miss you both. And I love you both. I love my baby kitten and I love you.

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I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day.

I was singing it always while I was alone at my desk. Which was always.

I miss you and I’m being dramatic about my lonely job. It’s really not that bad because my life is great. Alex named our internet “Alex and Anna Love Everyone”, which made me think of you because we love everyone.

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