Dear Anna, I Got Nothin’

Do you ever feel so empty headed and numb that you could not possibly venture to create a unique thought?  Sometimes I feel that way. Right now I feel that way.  Kind of like how sometimes you worry about losing your poetry?  I worry about losing my insides.  Sometimes life just gets to be a lot so I just empty out and float around .  I’ll get heavy again eventually I guess. I’m wearing my Emily Dickinson shirt to help speed up the process, that women knew how to feel. 

Reppin the D

Reppin the D

I love your new house. I love your crazy cat who bites my toes in the night. I love you. I love coffee. I love Sam’s Club pizza. I’m glad we are neighbors now. I will probably need to come stay with you soon, if you don’t mind.  

Sorry for the late reply, I will do better! 

I love you a whole lot.


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