Dear Bridget, I’m So Heavy You Can Have Some of Mine

Dear Bridget,

You said you feel light and floaty and that Dickinson will bring you down. I feel heavy sometimes so you can have some of my weight if you need it. Although sometimes when I’m talking to people I float away too, so maybe it’s just the way things are. Maybe we’ll just always float a little bit.

I love breakfast.

I need to read some more beautiful books. I started reading a book that you wouldn’t approve of my reading because I was curious about whether or not it’s a good book because everyone is reading it and it was available. I always want to know if pop-fiction books are good writing so I read them to find out. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Pulitzer prize winning novels are the best choice, and there’s a reason that they’re popular.

Books that have the word “romance” in the description probably aren’t the best choice in terms of literature but they’re like a train-wreck that you can’t stop watching. It’s exhausting.

I long for a time when we aren’t both so busy that we can lay on the floor like we did in your former house on the green carpet and laugh about something that we knew we would forget later.

hell or high watermelon couldn't keep us apart. photo cred: groverson.

hell or high watermelon couldn’t keep us apart. photo cred: groverson.

I miss you my doodle bug. Let’s take over Atlanta together, one cup of coffee at a time.

Best Regards,


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