Dear Anna, It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Goodnight!

Remember the time we watched Whats Eating Gilbert Grape? We both cried and wiped our tears on each other’s cheeks. It was a very sweet moment between us so I am sure you remember.  Remember also how its not really OK to quote that movie as much as we do, but we do it anyway? I love that about us.

This is me being passive and inviting myself over to watch Gilbert with you and your cat. Just so you know.

Right now I am sitting in a garage and my favorite boy is teaching another boy how to engineer some sort of robot. There seems to be a lot of coding involved. Its like white noise. They do say a lot of alphabet letters, so I do understand those bits.

I am glad you are reading that popular smutty book. I knew the one you were talking about right away. You will have to tell me if its good. Please tell me over breakfast. We love breakfast.

I am really sorry you have been so heavy lately. Things are going to get better. Life is hard when you are just getting started, but soon you will know what you really want to do and you will go do it and it will be beautiful. I cant wait to see. People will look at you and say ” Ya know, that girl could have decided to be an accountant and sit in a cube all day, but instead she is doing this!”

I miss you. I really am going to come see you soon. Especially since I left my whites in your dryer.

I love you.




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