Dear Anna, I’m Learning

I’m learning a lot this year. About everything. I’m learning a lot. Today I learned people often want help, you just have to ask them, which seems quite backwards. I learned the best leaders welcome followers opinions, warmly and with much affirmation. I learned telling people what I need doesn’t make me a failure, it just makes me happy. I learned I can look good wearing a sweater over a buttondown flannel shirt. I learned sometimes you have to join in when girls sing loudly in the round booth at Wendy’s because it will most definitely end up making someone’s day (especially your own). I learned to notice people when they raise their hand to ask a question. I learned to keep moving. I learned it actually is possible to kill people with kindness, and that’s not a good thing. I learned I love all types of cereal. I learned prayer really matters (though I thought I already knew that one). I learned to eat when I’m hungry but not when I’m bored. I learned I am most always hungry and almost never bored.
Pass me a Mr. Good bar when you get the chance. Probably about 11 of them.



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