Dear Anna, They’re All Stars

Lucy drew this picture.  She says they’re all stars.


As soon as I got home I started to make notes of everything I needed to remember to tell you. First things first, as soon as I pulled into the drive the kids ran outside yelling, ” There is a opossum!  Come see the opossum in the garage! ” . I am not to interested in opossum,  but Glenn had a good look and got them to stop poking it with the broom. So that was good.
Later  that night I heard Lucy crying so I went to her room to check on her. Sigourney said Lucy was upset and too scared to tell me what was wrong. Sigourney is a good tatler, so she went ahead and spilled,  “Lucy is afraid that she is too wild, she thinks she doesn’t belong in the family.” Lucy sobbed, ” I keep Sigourney awake all night because I just can’t be still! I’m so wild!”  Sometimes you have to be a grown up and tell children that they aren’t animals and they can learn to control themselves.  Being a grownup is terrible sometimes. I hope Lucy doesn’t listen too much to what old people say, I hope she stays a little wild like she was born to be.
While this was all happening my 10 year old brother Dallas was sitting by the fire, reading a book about the Holocaust.  He just needed to know more on the subject I suppose.
Then there was Luke, he was distraught. No one remembered to pick him up from karate practice that day . “That was strike 1! Two more and I’m not allowed to be dropped off there alone again.” He told me, very somberly, about 20 times. He’s maybe not quite wild enough for the family, he has this thing about people being organized and on time and such. Weird.
It’s probably harder to be a kid than it is to be a grownup, but they are making it through.


They’re all stars to me.

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