Dear Bridget, Life’s a Hurricane

Dear Bridget,

A few days ago a woman came in to my office and she was wearing a big bucket fluff hat and a coat and she really needed a job. She told me that she had been here before and that she came back with a resume. But the printer ran out of ink before her resume could be printed fully and it only had 30 words or so. She worked at Dillard’s, she said, and she had been the pacesetter sales woman of the year for 14 years, but now she can’t stand up for her job anymore, so she’s looking for a new one. She told me that she went to goodwill and the library to use the computers sometimes and she looked embarrassed. She knew a little bit about how to use computers, you see, because she had taken a class about Microsoft word before she started working at Dillard’s 14 years ago. I told her that we mainly only have jobs in the IT field available, but she didn’t understand, just kept telling me about how she’ll learn to use a computer. I didn’t know what to say much more, and then someone came and told me that “our meeting was about to start” but we didn’t really have a meeting you see.

What the sad thing is, is that some people just don’t know. They don’t know that they’re so deep in to a place that they can’t get out of. The world just passed them by when they weren’t looking and all of a sudden they look up and they don’t know where they are any more.

I hope I’m not like that when I grow up. I hope that I’m never so resistant to change that I just wake up one day and I don’t know how to live in the world I’ve been given. I don’t always like change but I’m going to fight as hard as I can to just give it a hug whenever it comes along.

I went to back to Athens to see my Sarah this weekend. It’s weird when not all the people you love live where you do. Seems like we should all just be together all the time, right? But I guess then the world might be a little too small, and living in a big world makes us better I think.

This is my life this week:

Processed with VSCOcam with 3 preset



I do love you, I do. See you probly at about 11.

Love from your friend,

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