Dear Anna, The Earth Just Spins

I keep thinking of this pendulum they had in a museum back home. I remeber it was surounded by a circle of these domino type blocks. It just swung back and forth all the time, but as time passed it would slowly knock down all the blocks, one at a time. I was thinking about it and I have decided you aren’t the type to be ruined by the passing of time. You are one of those pendulum people; the kind of person who’s steady, but always finds themselves somewhere just a little different every time the earth takes another twirl. The world moves but it doesn’t disrupt you from swinging like you need to be swinging to get the blocks to fall. 
Plus you like learning so I’m sure you will take advanced Microsoft Office classes when the new additions come out.

It will be wierd when I do regular work again in a couple months. I have a lot of meetings now, sometimes they are kind of like real people work, but mostly they are the kind of meeting where I get girls together and talk about life. They are never the same. This week I held two meetings in my car and one meeting in my bed fort.  It’s easier to have good conversation in cars and bed forts than in coffee shops I think . Though I also went to a lot of different coffee shops and still managed to have good conversation, so what do I know?  I know cars, coffee shops, bed forts, and a lot of girls I guess.


Held a good meeting here once

Anyway,  I’m glad I have you to help keep me swinging back and forth when my earth moves so much.

Let’s listen to this song tomorrow. It always makes us sway to the right rhythm.

See you for floor tacos,

Your Bridget

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