Dear Bridget, I Think I’ll Think of This

Dear Bridget,

Thank you for thinking of me as a pendulum. It’s nice when your friends give you more credit than you think you deserve, especially the friends you really value. And when you tell me that I’m like that big tall pendulum in the sand at the Museum of Arts and Sciences, I think it means more to me than you know. It’s a pretty good complement to be told that you knock things over, but in a good way.

I’ve been in one of those nostalgic ways lately where I’m remembering that a lot of things that I thought happened just recently were actually a year ago. I listened to our CD that we listened to when we wandered all over San Francisco this time last year and it made me wish that I could drive around with a bouquet of lavender with you in the Fit after walking two miles uphill in the snow to eat vegan Mexican food. That was a really good time. I think when I think back on this year I will remember all the mornings waking up with you in my bed after coming over at probably about eleven the night before, and then we brush our teeth and run out the door real fast to our jobs. That’s been most of our hangouts this year in the same city, just living the normal moments of going to sleep and waking up and getting ready and going. You once told me that everyone should appreciate those moments, and the moments of waiting for the great things to happen in your life, because most of our life is made up of just normal moments, so we need to take advantage of them. It’s funny because sometimes those moments are less memorable because there are so many of them that they all run together, but those moments are definitely the specialest.

Just a couple of girls in their jammies

Just a couple of girls in their jammies

They say that youth is wasted on the young. I don’t really think that youth is wasted on us. I think that we’ve done a pretty good job of appreciating our youngness. I’m sure we might look back when we’re older and wish there were a few more things we would have known that would have made us grab life by the heartstrings a little harder, but I’d say, for what it’s worth, we’ve done a pretty good job. Really. We’re so happy with the simple things, like gas station food in a gas station parking lot or making friends with bartenders named Jerome or road trips to Macon with big cokes. We’re good at being happy where we are I think. But it will definitely be fun to be old and look back at our now times knowing what we’ll know when we’re old. Please be my friend forever. Thanks buddy.

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Thanks for everything, always.

Love, Your Anna

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