Dear Anna, I’m Getting Warmer

I was very cold last night, mostly because it was 27 degrees and I slept outside. I am still working on getting warm. Today I am a slug because when you sleep out in the cold you don’t sleep much. It was actually pretty fun though,mostly because my girl Melinda was with me. Glenn says there is no way to be unhappy when Melinda is around. It’s just the truest thing. Plus she didn’t mind listening to Cherrywine on repeat until we fell asleep. You need people in your life who don’t mind listening to songs on repeat, ya know?


She loves like sleep to the freezing

Sleeping outside makes you feel very sad for the people who always have to sleep outside. It’s not an easy thing at all. The saddest part is thinking that those cold people don’t have friends who can take car of them. I just know if I ever didn’t have a house I would be OK because I have you to take me in and vice versa.I wonder what has to happen to someone to make them alone in life.
Anyway, I just want you to know that I would never let you live in the cold.

I love you more than you love kittens,


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