Dear Anna, I Can’t Decide

I can’t decide which is better, a bbq rib or the beach?  I guess it depends on the day, or the hour of the day really. I think Sunday we liked them both about the same for most of the hours.


The rib, winning

Sometimes it takes 2 people a whole day to eat 1 rib, that’s called “savoring a delicacy”. Sometimes it takes 8 hours in the car to spend 3 hours on the beach, that’s called “a worthy cause”. 


Rib is probably still winning

Sometimes the people you are most excited to see bring a flock of seagulls with them, that’s called “Murphys law” (I hope to have a son named Murphy one day, named after a kind Mennonite man I once met). Sometimes you drink tea that is so good you have to stay up an extra hour to drink a second steep, that’s called “living abundantly”. Sometimes you cover your bed in laundry and end up spending the night on the couch, that’s called “being an adult”. Sometimes it’s more fun to be awake than to be asleep, that’s called “night time”. 
I usually write you letters at night time. 
Do you want me to wash the coffee off your shirt before I bring it back to you? Let me know.

I love you more than shrimp cocktail.


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