Dear Bridget, Some Squirrels Are Brave and Some Squirrels Are Not

Hello Bridget

Tonight we are having a lingerie shower for you at my house. Hopefully we’ll be drinking some lavender flavored adult beverages and talking about things that we can plant in our garden while eating hearty snacks for dinner. We also may have italian wedding cake martinis because we are true women. I’m not sure who came up with the idea of lingerie showers as a thing that people should do, but I’m not mad about it. To me, every wedding shower is a lingerie shower. Sorry that I haven’t bought you any kitchen utensils or bathroom towels yet.

(DISCLAIMER: We had that party last night. I wrote that yesterday. And those martinis were weird but awesome.)

I’ve noticed that the squirrels in some towns don’t run away when you get near them. I find this disconcerting. They’re practically tame, and I don’t know what to do about that. Don’t make eye contact with me, squirrel. The squirrels in my yard growing up wouldn’t allow a human presence within a 20 foot radius of themselves, but in this town the squirrels are all “you do you with your tennis shoes and stuff, I’ll be here in the middle of the sidewalk if you don’t mind… there are some acorns in the cracks of the pavement”. I don’t know what it all means.

I found some chickens in a lot down the street. And my neighbor told me that he found a rattlesnake in his fish pond. There’s some wilderness here, even if the squirrels have lost their damn minds.

I guess summer just started. You came back here when summer ended last year and now you’re leaving again when summer starts. Somewhere someone’s playing some old old jazz music on their back porch in my neighborhood and you just left my porch for the last time for good. It won’t be the same without you slumber partying once a week, but all things go.

I think I feel like this song right now.

I hope this summer is one for the books.

 IMG_0568 IMG_0611

Dont get a ticket in New Mexico on your drive back west. We’ll laugh on the floor again on your birthday.

I love you.

Your Anna

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