Dear Anna, I’m Driving

Reading your letter made me very sad to be leaving you again.  I loved being in Georgia this year more than I loved most of my others, which makes leaving it much more of a feat than the last time. It was special to live in the city with you, even if we never really bothered going out in it together. We are small town girls at heart anyhow. Now back to the west I must go!  Don’t worry, I am avoiding New Mexico all together. 
Soon I will be in the Bay again.  I will miss you and your porch, the way you are both attached to your yellow house. I will miss this road I walked down at about 11 once a week. 


On the street where you live

I will miss pulling my favorite pjs out of your third drawer down on the left. I will miss everything.
Turn. Turn. Turn. Turn.
I am engaged to an engineer, you know. I was sitting next to him tonight. I closed my eyes for a second and all I could see was a beautiful blue sky with those perfect clouds, the ones that are somehow puffy and flat all at once. I leaned in close to my engineer and whispered, “You are the sky”. Engineers don’t always understand what you mean when you tell them they are the sky, but I hope mine did. It’s vital that he knows.


Kansas forever

I’m on the open road with him now. I’m happy, but a little sad because, you know. Leavin it all.
But at least this time I will be taking the sky with me. 
Come see me in July, ok? I have a bigger bed now, but we can just both sleep on the air mattress for old times sake.

I love you more than I love trying on all the lingerie.

Your Bridget

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