Dear Anna, Everything is Going to Be OK

Here is how I know this;….OkI don’t actually know, but I really really believe everything is going to be ok for us. Life is just hard sometimes,  but not all the time.  Laying in my bed, in my new room, I can hear my host mom laughing with her real daughter. I kind of wonder what they are laughing about,  but mostly I just enjoy listening to the sound of it. The mom loves the daughter . They are happy.  Something is right in the world.  So I can sleep.  As long as they are ok today, I know there is hope for me tomorrow.


This gliding man is also comforting I think

I’m glad you go on lots of walks. I hope sometimes you steal some carrot tops from the community garden by your house, just so you have plenty of energy for all of your walking.

Just so you know, you are invited to live with me for almost half a month starting 2 weeks from now, and I’m really really excited about it.
So much Mexican food awaits us. And we will make pie everyday.

I love you more than I love buying toiletries.

Your Bridge

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