Dear Anna, Coffee Makers Don’t Intimidate Me

I told you the other day while you were out visiting that I started writing you a letter but hadn’t finished it. This is that letter.  While looking at this one, I also found some other half finished letters I thought you might like me to send, so here goes…

Did I ever tell you I make the coffee at work most days?  I don’t mind because I like the coffee best when I make it myself. Today I heard a woman say coffee makers intimidate her. It made me sad because I have felt the same way before. But now I don’t.

I’ve been watching movies. Some films, but a lot that are just movies. You know most times when you watch a movie you see yourself, or parts of yourself,  in the characters.  That’s half the fun of watching a movie. Lately though, I see you in the characters instead.  Which, to be honest,  is equally as enjoyable to me.

Today Moses and I ate breakfast on your floor while you were at work. We had a competition about who liked fish best, he won of course.

It could be my conservative Christian home school upbringing,  but when the power goes out my first thought is, “This must be the end of days”.

Thanks for never minding my half finished thoughts. And for teaching me to just send them all even if they aren’t perfect yet.

I love you more than I love following the rules.

Love Always,

Your Bridget

Remember when we died?


If I die young bury me in a white cotton button down

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