Dear Anna, It’s Good to be a Nobody

I met a man named Kerry on Saturday.  Kerry is the new guy who is going to be taking over my room in my house families place when I move out. He stopped by to take a look at everything while they weren’t home so I showed him around and we got to talking. He is a sad man, Anna.  He has marital troubles, you see. He’s made some mistakes but he’s trying real hard to get better. His wife is sick and that’s been tough, but he wants to make her happy. Per her request he has lost 15 pounds! He’s in counseling. He’s making more money (his wife is all about money). I think he would have talked longer but his friend called him and said he had a stroke so he had to go check on him.

One good thing about Kerry is that he is very short so he will fit so nicely in that tiny bed in the room. So hopefully that will be the first of many good things to come into his life.

There is another man I met named Paul. He is the gate attendant at the apartment complex where I teach swim lessons. He says swim lessons are very important for kids because if a kid does not know how to swim they will be pushed into the pool and everyone will laugh at them while they flounder around.  That happened to him once. He told his fosters parents about it and they said,“Too bad you didn’t drown”. He still seems upset about it.  I don’t blame him one bit, I would still be upset about that too.

Life is hard thing. I’m glad strangers are so easy to talk to or else life would be a lot harder on a whole lot of people. It’s good to be able to spill your guts to a nobody and feel completely safe.  I like being somebody’s nobody sometimes.

I miss you. I love you. Come back and I will buy you a breakfast burrito and a big coke.

It’s not a bribe, it’s my love language.

Yours Always,


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