Dear Bridget, What if You Were Missing A Letter on your Keyboard?

Dear Bridget,

You ever wonder what it would be like if you were missing a letter on your keyboard? I mean, what if you had to live life with just 25 letters instead of 26… If you were missing the “g” you would always be “goin” instead of going, or “livin” instead of living, and what would people think of you? But all you’d be able to say is “I’m just missin the “g” ya’ll, everyone’s ot somethin they’re not proud of but we can’t help it”. Probably we’d all be a little more willin to understand each other if we were missin somethin important like a letter in our lanuae.

This is the song I can’t stop listening to right now. It’s to be expected, you should already know.

My baby cat is back in the habit of cuddling with me in his sleep again because it’s fall and he’s cold, and I get it because I’m cold too. We’ve gotta help each other out. But I don’t bite him while he’s sleeping and he does bite me when I’m sleeping sometimes so I kick him out. Because one must have manners about being a bed buddy, capiche? But he can’t help it cause he’s wild. People don’t really understand the love of cats, but I don’t think they really understand their own selves in that case. People who don’t like cats are just the afraid types, I think.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This is a picture of a fun time I had ^

The lights are like stars and the sky is white in the night.

This is a photo of what every day looks like here in Atlanta lately. It’s the land of the grey. As you know, I detest fall, but I might like it more if the sky weren’t constantly crying. Who is to like a season where there is no sun? I’ll give autumn a second chance when the sun comes out. This street goes almost to my house if you’ll let it. And straight on til morning, that’s what I tell myself when standing at the bottom of this hill, preparing to run up it all the way home.

You’re my favorite type of Bridget I’ve ever met. Never forget, the shoe does not belong on the head.

Best Wishes,

Anna Mabel Myers

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