Dear Anna, And so it is

It is funny the way certain things stick with you. Do you remember the time you found me in a ball on your bathroom floor at 5 in the morning. You told  me I should eat something and you set a can of nuts on the floor by my head. That morning always sticks with me, even though it hurt real bad. And so it is.

Today at work its just me and Sue, the rest have gone home. This happens a lot to Sue and me, you see.  I say, ” Just us agin, Sue.  We should get out more” and Sue says, ” Oh you go on home, its fine”, and I say, ” Oh I will in not too long”,  but I don’t.  And so it is.

I told Glenn I would plan a date for us tonight. Planning dates is harder than it seems. There are too many options and not enough time and energy to try them all. I think we will go get smoothies and return duplicate wedding gifts to Target.  I will say, “We can each buy 1 thing with our new found Target money”.  I will buy a dress and he will say, ” Theres nothing I really want today”.  I will buy 2 dresses. And so it is.

I miss you a great deal. I wonder if maybe you can come out here to visit us soon? It would make us happy. I will allow to bring 1 friend.

I love you. And so it is.


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