Dear Anna, My Old Friend is Here

It’s raining out. I can feel a few stray drops as the sneak through the screen on my bedroom window. It doesn’t rain much here, you know. So whenever it does I feel like I know her better than all the other people do. The rain is my old friend, she’s only their occasional visitor.
Remember the rain dances we would do in the summers?
I listened to an interview with an artist once. He made rain shadows. He would lie down on the road when it began to rain and stay there until it stopped,  leaving his shadow when he walked away. He said the pavement holds the heartbeat of a city and resting on it is the best way to get to know a place.
I like the idea of laying on the chest of my city.  Once I figure out which city is mine… It’s probably the same as yours.


But it could be this one...

For Christmas Glenn got my mom a frame with pictures of all the cities where her children live. Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco. Can you imagine being spread so far?  To have 6 pieces of yourself in 5 different far away places?
I like how important you always say it is be to be a mom.  I think you’re right about that. It must be something magnificent.

I miss you dearly. I’ll see you at Christmas. We can hold a memorial for the little blue fit that took us so far.


I love you always and always,


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