Dear Bridget, I Wonder What Will Stick

Dear Bridget,

Do you know what I remember from that infamous summer that we “became” friends? Most clearly, I remember:

  1. Making that fruit pizza (a few times)
  2. Making peach cobbler (I later learned, in the summer of 2015, that you do not, in fact, like hot fruit, so I had lived my past  years believing a lie).
  3. Eating pop-rocks from Dollar General in Publix and filming it with my dad’s blue video camera. People probably thought we were doing some kind of class project. We weren’t, obviously. Joke’s on everyone.
  4. Glasses-John
  5. Watching Earth Girls Are Easy (most notably, the aliens’ “belly buttons”)
  6. Driving out to pick up ol’ Nick from Holiness Camp.
  7. Listening to this song by Jaymay
  8. Picking you up on your lunch break from the Georgia Farm Bureau to go eat a $1 meal from McDonalds next door.
  9. The van and all the mismatched flip flops and damp seats from other peoples’ towel butts.
  10. Trying to buy alcohol free wine from Publix and not being able to buy it because we weren’t 21. The irony.
  11. I’m realizing that the magnet on my fridge that you gave me is a picture of us eating hot fruit, i.e. that cobbler.

We spent almost every day together that summer. Surely I’m forgetting a lot. Surely I’m forgetting some really fun times that we had. If I think harder, I can remember Lucy and Sigourney, your babiest sisters, so much smaller. I can remember other things. So what Im wondering is, what will I remember about now? Last winter was the winter that I took a lot of baths. Last summer was the summer that all my friends moved away but I managed to have an ok time anyway. What about now? The winter/spring that I drank a lot of tea? The winter that I never thought would end? The spring that reminded me that winter doesn’t last forever? I always just wonder what will stick, what will be the memory that I remember most. I guess you don’t really get to pick.

I spend a lot of my time watching this music video and listening to this song:

There are a few people that I miss more than anyone else. You are one of them. It’s a shame when you can’t always actually see your favorite people.


the picture on my fridge

I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye,

Your Mabel

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