Dear Anna, I’m not in the Mood


I am not super in the mood to write letters lately. I am sure you have noticed this. Sorry.

Kind of like how I don’t listen to music much any more.  The creative stuff just isn’t doing it for me. You know what I am in the mood for?  Drinking Hell or High Watermelon and going to Tybee Island with my main girl. That sounds like just the ticket.  I think once I do that everything will be set right. I will be able to listen to music and write poems and bake cookies again. Just like always.

You know how every summer you come out and visit me in San Francisco? I love that. Remember how we go to bars to have conversations with strangers?  Remember Travis who got fired from Pixar for punching someone? Remember that sad man we invited to my wedding because we thought he needed a trip to get away from his sadness?  Life is rich when we are together I think.

This summer I will come visit you. We will drive to the beach. We will each find a star fish. That’s pretty much as good as finding a drunken stranger.

Will you please make us a play list that will make me cry? You do that, and I will find us a decent cheese.


I love you more than just a little bit. See you in the morning. Not the soonest morning but one that’s pretty soon.



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