Dear Anna, Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I have been away from you for a while now.  I miss you. I  miss getting to sit on your porch and I miss you coming over to my house to hang out with our sisters.  It’s hard to be away from home sometimes.

I went to a Halloween party this weekend at my apartment complex. Glenn carved a pumpkin for the pumpkin contest.


The party was awkward since we knew zero people, so I sat down at a craft table to color with a man I recognized from the hot tub. While we were coloring a 5-year-old boy dressed like spiderman came and sat next to us.  Peter (he didn’t have his mask on so I called him Peter Parker) told me he moved here from another state too. He can’t remember the name of the state because he has short term memory he said.  He moved out here with his mom and her dog Boo and they live with his friend Bo.  His mom and Bo were both dressed up like playing cards.  Bo and Peter’s Mom are boyfriend and girlfriend so Bo always does the same thing his mom does.

Bo is going to become his dad soon he said.  He says it will be so weird to have a dad out here . He told me his mom and his real dad used to love each other, but now they hate each other and they laugh at each other and fight with each other and, “Oh my gosh they HATE each other”.  He said his life used to be good, but it’s harder out here.

His hard seems much harder than mine, but still… I really do miss you and that’s hard in its own way.

I will be better at writing and taking pictures. Thanks for not giving up on me.

Love Always,


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