Dear Anna, I Wrote You This Letter

I wrote you this a week or so ago. It didnt feel long enough to send, but you always send them all, so I will too.

Thanks for giving me your house today.  I made myself right at home, just as I always do, but I think I took it to a new level this time. This time I figured out how to use the coffee maker.


The coconut oil was just as decadent as you promised

It is now well into the afternoon and I am still in my nighty, watching my fith episode of Mad Men, taking hoola hoop breaks intermittently of course.


It's hard to take selfies and work the hoop

I love it here, Anna.  It is my happy place.  I drew this picture for you,  you will find it under the goose on your porch. It’s us on the road somewhere in Arizona.


It was supposed to be kind of like this

We were driving home so I made the horizon yellow, just like your house.

That’s all I wrote last week when I borrowed your house. Thanks for letting me and my girl stay there last night when we felt sad. You are the truest friend I could wish for.

I love you more than I love sleeping away the sadness.


Dear Bridget, It Never Thunders in this Town

Dear Bridget,

It never thunders in Atlanta like it does in other places. I’ve never really heard it thunder here until a couple of days ago. And it’s thundering now, and also raining the type of rain that you really want to hear while you’re laying in your bed, like I am now. I don’t think that I just missed the thunder, or didn’t hear it or what have you. I’ve been listening, it just hasn’t been there. I’m firmly of the opinion that it just doesn’t happen much here like it does elsewhere. Maybe all the buildings and the concrete hold in all the sound better than the fields and the roads that we’re used to, so the thunder sound can’t travel around like it should. In the country parts, the thunder just spreads and flies.

Remember when we used to be swimmers and lifeguards and we had special thunder hearing ears? And the way that you can tell if a storm is a joke or if it’s for real and means business? Like how the wind starts to blow and the sky darkens up? That’s when you know. Lifeguards are better weather knowers than most. I can feel the storms coming fast in my bones.

That Sufjan song that we listened to this weekend makes me think that “my star in the sky” would be a nice thing to be called by someone.

I think you’re right about the bbq ribs. The bbq ribs were often stealing the show of our quick frosty Saturday of a roadtrip. It’s funny how you can know a person so well that you become entirely baffled by their standing in front of a deli counter, enraptured by its contents. Enter you, not knowing why I stopeed in my tracks to stare at pork bbq ribs in a deli case because you remember the time that we ate barbeque 5 years ago and then sat up in the middle of the night watching infomercials at 4 AM on a futon because pork simply doesn’t agree with me.

This one time we drove down a road in probably Arizona or some such state, and there we go, just driving down the road pell-mell-helter-skelter, and everyone driving past us tells us with their arms in their drivers seats to TURN AROUND like people do when they think they know best. Turns out that we were on a one-way, but how were we supposed to know? That was the type of town that didn’t have any signs on its one-way streets, and is only accustomed to regulars. Just like the restaurant we ate at in that very same town, where the servers knew everyone in the restaurant’s orders except for ours. Because we weren’t from around there, you see. We weren’t the regulars, and we couldn’t even pretend to be.

This is how I think of you mostly.

the arctic tundra beach

the arctic tundra beach

I love you more than Moses loves to bite a toe,

Your Anna

Dear Anna, I Can’t Decide

I can’t decide which is better, a bbq rib or the beach?  I guess it depends on the day, or the hour of the day really. I think Sunday we liked them both about the same for most of the hours.


The rib, winning

Sometimes it takes 2 people a whole day to eat 1 rib, that’s called “savoring a delicacy”. Sometimes it takes 8 hours in the car to spend 3 hours on the beach, that’s called “a worthy cause”. 


Rib is probably still winning

Sometimes the people you are most excited to see bring a flock of seagulls with them, that’s called “Murphys law” (I hope to have a son named Murphy one day, named after a kind Mennonite man I once met). Sometimes you drink tea that is so good you have to stay up an extra hour to drink a second steep, that’s called “living abundantly”. Sometimes you cover your bed in laundry and end up spending the night on the couch, that’s called “being an adult”. Sometimes it’s more fun to be awake than to be asleep, that’s called “night time”. 
I usually write you letters at night time. 
Do you want me to wash the coffee off your shirt before I bring it back to you? Let me know.

I love you more than shrimp cocktail.


Dear Bridget, Remember the Cherry Blossom Festival

Dear Bridget,

I remember how people in Macon used to talk about the Cherry Blossom Festival like people in other towns used to talk about the weather; “Oh the Cherry Blossoms might bloom before the festival this year”, or “Yeah, I live on the Cherry Blossom Trail”. It seemed like magic when we were little, right around Easter time those pretty little trees fluffing out their pink petals in sync with the dogwood trees’ smelly white flowers. My mom told me that they always bloom on time, and all the petals fall off right when they’re supposed to. Lately I’ve been wondering, what if magic really is real.

We had this cherry blossom tree right at the bottom of our driveway. It was small and short enough to climb; you didn’t have to be a particularly adventurous kid to venture up its branches. And one day, probably when I was about 4, I was in the backseat when my mom picked me up from somewhere and we drove home into my driveway. The wind blew right when we pulled up to my tree and it rained pink petals like magic, just like my mom had told me, right onto the car windows above my head. I thought it was so smart, those petals falling right like they were supposed to, heralding the hot air balloons and festivals and summer. Pink ice-cream and pink fountains and pink poodles. We could have walked to the field of hot air balloons from my house, but you don’t really walk to places in Macon, I guess. Not enough sidewalks you know. Except on the way to the pool. You could walk t0 the pool.

I came home one day from college and the tree was gone. Pulled into the driveway and all that was left was a silver stump, the first thing I noticed. I always told my parents that if the cat died, I didn’t want them to tell me. As if one day I would come home and she wasn’t there, and I maybe just wouldn’t quite notice. They didn’t tell me about the tree.

There are a lot of trees in the park near where I live. There are cherry blossoms, but they don’t feel as important as our childhood trees. I took pictures of them for you.

the trees of our childhood

the trees of our childhood

they shut down all the night highways under the bridge

they shut down all the night highways under the bridge

you ran all the way around the town

you ran all the way around the town

i wasn't the only one who stopped running to take a photo of this tree

i wasn’t the only one who stopped running to take a photo of this tree

Let’s just drop everything and drive to the beach tomorrow. I can’t stop listening to this. Is it the soundtrack to our roadtrip?

I love you more than I want you to walk like you know where you’re going,


Dear Anna, I’m Getting Warmer

I was very cold last night, mostly because it was 27 degrees and I slept outside. I am still working on getting warm. Today I am a slug because when you sleep out in the cold you don’t sleep much. It was actually pretty fun though,mostly because my girl Melinda was with me. Glenn says there is no way to be unhappy when Melinda is around. It’s just the truest thing. Plus she didn’t mind listening to Cherrywine on repeat until we fell asleep. You need people in your life who don’t mind listening to songs on repeat, ya know?


She loves like sleep to the freezing

Sleeping outside makes you feel very sad for the people who always have to sleep outside. It’s not an easy thing at all. The saddest part is thinking that those cold people don’t have friends who can take car of them. I just know if I ever didn’t have a house I would be OK because I have you to take me in and vice versa.I wonder what has to happen to someone to make them alone in life.
Anyway, I just want you to know that I would never let you live in the cold.

I love you more than you love kittens,


Dear Bridget, I Think I’ll Think of This

Dear Bridget,

Thank you for thinking of me as a pendulum. It’s nice when your friends give you more credit than you think you deserve, especially the friends you really value. And when you tell me that I’m like that big tall pendulum in the sand at the Museum of Arts and Sciences, I think it means more to me than you know. It’s a pretty good complement to be told that you knock things over, but in a good way.

I’ve been in one of those nostalgic ways lately where I’m remembering that a lot of things that I thought happened just recently were actually a year ago. I listened to our CD that we listened to when we wandered all over San Francisco this time last year and it made me wish that I could drive around with a bouquet of lavender with you in the Fit after walking two miles uphill in the snow to eat vegan Mexican food. That was a really good time. I think when I think back on this year I will remember all the mornings waking up with you in my bed after coming over at probably about eleven the night before, and then we brush our teeth and run out the door real fast to our jobs. That’s been most of our hangouts this year in the same city, just living the normal moments of going to sleep and waking up and getting ready and going. You once told me that everyone should appreciate those moments, and the moments of waiting for the great things to happen in your life, because most of our life is made up of just normal moments, so we need to take advantage of them. It’s funny because sometimes those moments are less memorable because there are so many of them that they all run together, but those moments are definitely the specialest.

Just a couple of girls in their jammies

Just a couple of girls in their jammies

They say that youth is wasted on the young. I don’t really think that youth is wasted on us. I think that we’ve done a pretty good job of appreciating our youngness. I’m sure we might look back when we’re older and wish there were a few more things we would have known that would have made us grab life by the heartstrings a little harder, but I’d say, for what it’s worth, we’ve done a pretty good job. Really. We’re so happy with the simple things, like gas station food in a gas station parking lot or making friends with bartenders named Jerome or road trips to Macon with big cokes. We’re good at being happy where we are I think. But it will definitely be fun to be old and look back at our now times knowing what we’ll know when we’re old. Please be my friend forever. Thanks buddy.

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Thanks for everything, always.

Love, Your Anna

Dear Anna, The Earth Just Spins

I keep thinking of this pendulum they had in a museum back home. I remeber it was surounded by a circle of these domino type blocks. It just swung back and forth all the time, but as time passed it would slowly knock down all the blocks, one at a time. I was thinking about it and I have decided you aren’t the type to be ruined by the passing of time. You are one of those pendulum people; the kind of person who’s steady, but always finds themselves somewhere just a little different every time the earth takes another twirl. The world moves but it doesn’t disrupt you from swinging like you need to be swinging to get the blocks to fall. 
Plus you like learning so I’m sure you will take advanced Microsoft Office classes when the new additions come out.

It will be wierd when I do regular work again in a couple months. I have a lot of meetings now, sometimes they are kind of like real people work, but mostly they are the kind of meeting where I get girls together and talk about life. They are never the same. This week I held two meetings in my car and one meeting in my bed fort.  It’s easier to have good conversation in cars and bed forts than in coffee shops I think . Though I also went to a lot of different coffee shops and still managed to have good conversation, so what do I know?  I know cars, coffee shops, bed forts, and a lot of girls I guess.


Held a good meeting here once

Anyway,  I’m glad I have you to help keep me swinging back and forth when my earth moves so much.

Let’s listen to this song tomorrow. It always makes us sway to the right rhythm.

See you for floor tacos,

Your Bridget

Dear Bridget, Life’s a Hurricane

Dear Bridget,

A few days ago a woman came in to my office and she was wearing a big bucket fluff hat and a coat and she really needed a job. She told me that she had been here before and that she came back with a resume. But the printer ran out of ink before her resume could be printed fully and it only had 30 words or so. She worked at Dillard’s, she said, and she had been the pacesetter sales woman of the year for 14 years, but now she can’t stand up for her job anymore, so she’s looking for a new one. She told me that she went to goodwill and the library to use the computers sometimes and she looked embarrassed. She knew a little bit about how to use computers, you see, because she had taken a class about Microsoft word before she started working at Dillard’s 14 years ago. I told her that we mainly only have jobs in the IT field available, but she didn’t understand, just kept telling me about how she’ll learn to use a computer. I didn’t know what to say much more, and then someone came and told me that “our meeting was about to start” but we didn’t really have a meeting you see.

What the sad thing is, is that some people just don’t know. They don’t know that they’re so deep in to a place that they can’t get out of. The world just passed them by when they weren’t looking and all of a sudden they look up and they don’t know where they are any more.

I hope I’m not like that when I grow up. I hope that I’m never so resistant to change that I just wake up one day and I don’t know how to live in the world I’ve been given. I don’t always like change but I’m going to fight as hard as I can to just give it a hug whenever it comes along.

I went to back to Athens to see my Sarah this weekend. It’s weird when not all the people you love live where you do. Seems like we should all just be together all the time, right? But I guess then the world might be a little too small, and living in a big world makes us better I think.

This is my life this week:

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I do love you, I do. See you probly at about 11.

Love from your friend,

Dear Anna, They’re All Stars

Lucy drew this picture.  She says they’re all stars.


As soon as I got home I started to make notes of everything I needed to remember to tell you. First things first, as soon as I pulled into the drive the kids ran outside yelling, ” There is a opossum!  Come see the opossum in the garage! ” . I am not to interested in opossum,  but Glenn had a good look and got them to stop poking it with the broom. So that was good.
Later  that night I heard Lucy crying so I went to her room to check on her. Sigourney said Lucy was upset and too scared to tell me what was wrong. Sigourney is a good tatler, so she went ahead and spilled,  “Lucy is afraid that she is too wild, she thinks she doesn’t belong in the family.” Lucy sobbed, ” I keep Sigourney awake all night because I just can’t be still! I’m so wild!”  Sometimes you have to be a grown up and tell children that they aren’t animals and they can learn to control themselves.  Being a grownup is terrible sometimes. I hope Lucy doesn’t listen too much to what old people say, I hope she stays a little wild like she was born to be.
While this was all happening my 10 year old brother Dallas was sitting by the fire, reading a book about the Holocaust.  He just needed to know more on the subject I suppose.
Then there was Luke, he was distraught. No one remembered to pick him up from karate practice that day . “That was strike 1! Two more and I’m not allowed to be dropped off there alone again.” He told me, very somberly, about 20 times. He’s maybe not quite wild enough for the family, he has this thing about people being organized and on time and such. Weird.
It’s probably harder to be a kid than it is to be a grownup, but they are making it through.


They’re all stars to me.

Dear Bridget, We’re Not Sorry

Dear Bridget,

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Today I had a Sunday and it was good. I ate trail mix and drank coffee out of my bitch mug for breakfast because I was feeling in a way. I was thinking with my writer-ly brain and I cleaned my house and my room in the slowest type of manner.

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I went to Ben Howard’s show at the Tabernacle this Wednesday. Sometimes you have to do things that make you feel alive and push tears full of feelings out of your eyes. It felt like something ended and something else just came right out into the open, if that makes any sense. Live music feels a lot more than the rest of the kinds, you know?

I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up lately. It seems like maybe no one really feels grown-up until all of a sudden you just feel old. I’ve been resisting grown-up things lately, like grocery shopping and dry cleaning and eating regular meals and going to bed at a responsible time and sitting in chairs and things. Feels way more grounded to sit on the floor I think.

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Bridget, I think that 2015 is a year of honesty. So far I’m off to a good start with some painfully honest conversations that just jumped right in front of me and wouldn’t get out of the way. We all just gotta let it all out I think. This year has already been yanking my chain and I’ve been having to run pretty fast to keep up. I probably need to spend some more time with my thoughts laying on the ground in my new special corner of the house with a glass of wine. If that’s not healthy, then I don’t know what is. I’m not sorry. We’re not sorry.

Let’s go on another road trip soon, k? I need to go the sea and I need you with me. Nevermind that there isn’t a sea anywhere near here, let’s just go.

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Just meet me here after you get off of work, ok? ^^^

Love from your friend,