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Dear Anna, You Know What They Say

They say those who cant sleep should get up and make waffles. I am not one to turn down good advice.   I once heard an old man order a “thin dark waffle” from Waffle House. It befuddles me to this day. I like my waffles fat and happy. This morning I took my leftover pancake batter and turned it into a waffle. The batter was slightly discolored so if you don’t here from me again soon just assume I’m dead, but be comforted by the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed my last meal.

* Pause while I press my French press down slowly for 3 minutes just as I was told to do by a man who once worked at Williams Sonoma*

My coffee seems to be not very good. Did I tell you I went cupping last month? I t was an accident. My job requires me to go to 3 networking events a week and I try to find unique ones to keep life interesting. I had an idea in my head that cupping might be something like a group of kindly social outcast sitting together and having intimate conversations over very small cups of coffee. I was wrong.  BUT the point is I now know my coffee is bad.

I am going to be honest. Almost a month has past since the morning where I couldn’t sleep and made waffles. I am easily distracted. I’ve been some places in the mean time though.

I went to Yosemite with my Glenn.


I went to New York City with my sisters, and bumped into my best friend Anna while at it.


I just came home from San Francisco where I walked in the rain and ate a million donuts while parked in a dimly lit parking lot. You would have loved it.

Now I am at home with my boys watching About Time. It’s nice to know we will never get sick of this film. Just like we will never get sick of the Juno soundtrack. Somethings are constants. I like constants. Thanks for being my constant friend even when I am distracted and overwhelmed and going to many places at once. You’re the best kind of friend, you know. I will see you soon in Tucson.

Love Always,


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